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Installing / Updating


- What are the system requirements?

Please see the System Requirements page.


- I have just downloaded the file. How I can install the application in Windows?

After the download is complete, you will see a file named BeamDesign.exe in your download location. Then just double click and follow the instructions of the Setup Wizard.


- I have just downloaded the file. How I can install the application in Mac?

After the download is complete, a new disk volume should mount named "BeamDesign". If it does not exist you may need to double-click the file named "BeamDesign.dmg" in order to mount it. Inside the "BeamDesign" volume there will be a folder named "BeamDesign". Drag the "BeamDesign" folder into your Applications folder. You must drag the whole folder.


- How do I completely uninstall Cold-Formed Steel BeamDesign?

If you are using Mac just move the directory into the trash. In Windows go to Start Menu/DevStruc/BeamDesign/Unistall BeamDesign.


- I have just updated, where can I find what is new in this release?

We have just released version 2.1.1 of Cold-Formed Steel BeamDesign. For a full list of changes and fixes, check our What's New file.


- I am a licensed user. How do I upgrade to the new version and what does it cost?

As a licensed user you are entitled to free bugfixes and minor updates. Major upgrades will have an upgrade price, which of course will be much lower than the full price. In order to install the new version just download the new version of the application and run it.





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