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Supported Specifications

      2001 AISI - US (ASD and LRFD)

      2001 AISI - Canada (LSD)

      1996/1999 AISI (ASD and LRFD)


Fya: increasing Fy (Virgin Yield Strength) value, due to cold work of forming.


Sections with Web Holes (only C, U, Z, ZU, IC, IU and CC Sections).


Gravity or Uplift loads.


Uniform and Concentrated Load (L/2).


Fastened Flanges: Top, Bottom, both Top and Bottom or Unfastened Flanges.


Fastened to Support Flanges.


Bracings: Against lateral displacement and/or twisting.


One Flange Fastened to a Standing Seam Roof System.


Bearing Supports: Interior Laps; variable Widths and Web Stiffeners for intermediate, end and/or interior Supports.


• Reference Span Length and Load Required can be modified by user.


• Wi values are displayed for all curves, for required span length.


Variable Maximum Deflection Limit.


Beam Spacing.


Cb: Bending Coefficient for increasing Critical Buckling Strength.


Units available in American Units and International Units.


• Units in feet.


Units for Uniform and Concentrated Load.


Calculate Geometric and Effective Section Properties.


Dimensional Limits for each Section.


Messages are given for exceeded limits such as b/t, d/t and h/t.


Curve Notes and Error Messages advise for correct AISI employment.


Databases for the these manufacturers: Dietrich, Marino-Ware and SSMA.



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